Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Kirino

A newer figure this time, it’s Kotobukiya’s Kousaka Kirino! Whether you like or hate this tsundere gal, you have to admit this figure is adorable. ~ Onto the review!

When I first saw her go up for pre-order, I had no clue who she was or what she was from. I just knew that I found one of those rare figures that I had to have without even knowing the character. I realized I hit the pre-order button after the fact, even. My fingers apparently knew what my mind wanted. =P

Her pose and everything was so adorable that I couldn’t resist her at all. I found out shortly after from my ex that she was from Oreimo, which he apparently had some of the manga to. Luckily for me there was also an anime adaptation coming out soon, and I actually really like her character despite how I usually don’t like tsunderes.

After getting her, I have to say I’m rather impressed. I know that Koto’s quality as of the past year or so here has been getting much better, but I don’t believe I’ve actually gotten anything of theirs since 09.

Her pose is so adorable. ~ I’ve had her for a couple months now and I still can’t get over it. It makes me smile every time I look at her.

There’s that adorable white paint on her cheeks. =3 I love that so much.~

I like the flow of her shirt and tie a lot, it really gives a lot of movement to the figure overall.

Cute from the side too. ~ I like how they painted earrings on her, it brings more of her cutesy girly side out.

Of course, there are a few issues too. There are paint bubbles here and there like the one in her hair above, and that drives me nuts when I look closely at her.

I love how the back of her hair flows, but that one strand of hair seems to void out a bit of the overall effect. I wish they would have blended that in better.

Her hair tie is adorable! But, yet again more issues. Her arm wiggles around in the socket, and the molding around her hair tie leaves something to be desired.

Her fingernails are the same colour as her earrings. I really like the shade they chose a lot.~

More issues with her hair. That’s a rather nasty seamline they have going there. =(

Cute panties! <3

Belly button! The skirt is actually removable, but like the other cast-off Koto figures I have, I can’t seem to get it off of her. The parts on their figures always seem too tight for me to budge, so I wasn’t able to get her skirt off for the review or anything.

The piece of plastic attached to her foot is actually what goes into the base. It wiggles around quite a bit, though, and as such it worries me just a tad. It tends to prop up just a bit to where she’s leaning back further than she’s supposed to. I just hope that doesn’t go any further to where she falls off completely.

The base is really cool, actually. It comes with two interchangable plastic sheets, one of which is shown and the other has the title plus her brother’s face on it. It’s a nifty idea, and I hope they do more figures with that in mind in the future.

“Look, look!” I bet that’s what she’s saying. I could see her taking someone’s hand and dragging them with her. ~

Running, running. ~

And a wallpaper to finish up with. =3

Overall, I know Kotobukiya is still having issues with seams and other things, but they’ve really grown as a figure company! Their figures have been catching my eye more and more as of late, and they rarely did before other than for the characters themselves. So I can really tell that they’re trying hard to move up through the ranks to be one of the best figure companies. I really love this figure of Kirino and it’s actually my favorite of all the ones out there. It catches her cute side more than the irritated one, and I love that. Cute figures always make me smile a lot. I think anyone that’s a Kirino fan should really own her, and anyone who has let this figure catch their eye otherwise, even while not knowing her character, should too! She’s not one that should be missed, she’s definitely a great addition to any collection. =3

Until next time!

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