GSC’s 1/8 Mami

I’m back with another part of the Madoka★Magica Goodsmile set! This time around it’s Mami!

Here she is, the third in GSC’s set! Three more girls to go after this!

I do admit though, she’s really awkward looking by herself. She’s in a pretty strange pose! But rest assured, it’s based off the same picture that Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka are from. So they’ll look wonderful together!

She’s definitely a wonderful addition to the set. The details are spot on and the base is, of course, clear with the outer part fading to an orange-yellow, fitting in perfectly with her colours.

Lots of little things are on Mami, so I’ll start with her head and work my way down! Here’s her personal soul gem. As Homura’s is on her hand, and Madoka’s is on her upper chest, Mami’s is as a clip on her hair. They did a wonderful job with it!

She also has this fluffy part coming off her hat. There are a couple layers to it which gives a bit of a seam-line feel, but it’s otherwise just fine.

On the other side of her head is her other hair clip. Her pigtails are nice and bouncy, too!

She has a really cute face, too! I always love how GSC can give such a similar feeling in the facial features to the anime series they’re taking the character from, as opposed to some companies that ave the same look to all the sculpts, like Clayz or Griffon.

Her (fake? I’m guessing there isn’t any boning in it) corset looks really nice too, wonderful job with the details on it!

There’s her cute bow on her back, too!

Great job on the skirt as well! No messy paint from the bottom brown border to the main skirt, either, just as you can expect from a top company.

I really love the motion in the skirt! It isn’t frilly by any means, but it flows rather nicely!

Perfectly painted nails!

Stereotypical white panties, but wonderfully yummy thighs! You can see her skintight stockings, too. Nice job there!

Her stockings are perfect! No flaws at all in the paint and they look great! Nice job on the shading, too!

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how simple but yet how nice the bases are they’re doing for these girls. It’s just so, so much better than a plain flat-coloured base with the show title printed on, you know?

She looks nicer by herself at this angle, but with the angle she’s already at it’s so awkwaaaard!

It does make for some interesting pictures, though. So the fact that she fits in nicely with the rest of the group and that it makes for some different pictures counts. She’s certainly a gorgeous figure!

She looks nice from this view too!

She’s the sort of figure that doesn’t look good from every angle, but she looks good from an awful lot!

Tried to make it look like her soul gem was shining brightly!

While I don’t particularly like Mami as a character (not that she really got an awful lot of screen time), I think the figure of her is quite nice. I wouldn’t have gotten her if I wasn’t getting the entire set, but together with the rest she looks wonderful and stands out well on her own right! I’m sure a lot of Mami fans definitely got her, and I’d certainly suggest getting her if you’re one of the many, many Mami fans out there! She’s worth her price, although I’m not sure how much she is on the secondhand market now. But if you’re a fan of Mami or of Madoka★Magica, I’d always suggest this set! Whether you get just Mami or the entire set it’s money well spent!

What does everyone else think of Mami? Did you get her, or are you hoping to pick her up in the future?~

4 thoughts on “GSC’s 1/8 Mami

  1. She looks great, like the other figures GSC came with, I think its Sayaka is the last one if im not correct then once she is, I cant wait to see a group shot of all the figures, they just look wonderful and im pinching myself for not getting the set :/

    • There are still three more of the girls left. Sayaka’s next out, and then they’re also doing Kyouko and Godoka. Technically I think the original set was just the four and they added Kyouko to appease the fans. Either way once all of them are out I’ll be sure to do a group post. =3

      I’d be kicking myself too, btw! I think I’ve seen them here and there on Mandarake, though I don’t remember how much they were going for.

  2. Ahaha I stopped at Mami and Homura as things were getting too expensive..Godoka is gorgeous though.

    Back to topic..I have Mami as well and I do love her..just that her face is too serene..especially when she is holding her muskets..=3

  3. I personally think Homura is the best outta the bunch so far but Mami looks good too. However I agree with you, that she looks awkward by herself.

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