CM Corporation’s Nogizaka Haruka

A.k.a. why I will probably NEVER trust CM with any figures, ever.

Haruka was a figure I got in just after she came out in the first few months of 2010. She was in with some of the first pre-orders I ever did, back before I had figures coming out every month and didn’t really buy after release very often anymore.

She was also, unfortunately, the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in the figure world. To all extents, this legit figure is worse than most bootlegs are these days. And I paid nearly 70 dollars for her.

I obviously haven’t trusted CM Corporation since, and anyone close to me would know that. I’m pretty vocal about how I don’t trust this company. It’s still a good idea too, apparently, considering how awful their not-yet-released Alice from Kamisama no Memochou is. I mean, honestly? You’re still putting out figures like that in an age where most figures are positively gorgeous – even from lower companies? Even when Griffon’s not getting as much slack? Wow. Sega’s cheap prize figures… and even a lot of Furyu’s prize figures are better than that.

If you’re wondering why I have such odd pictures as well, it’s because I never could figure out how to put together the base … materials… they gave me. There wasn’t any diagram or anything with the box telling you how to set it up, either.

Looks like something that’d come with a model kit. That’s as good as I could figure out how to do with what they gave me, and it’s not sturdy enough to really hold her up for any length of time. That plastic is extremely flimsy. It almost broke when I was trying to get the pieces together!

I’m not sure if her face is the worst part, or if it’s all the seams that you can see everywhere on the figure. Her hair looks like it’s a greasy mess that hadn’t been washed in fifteen years, her dress is really inadequate, and even the bow on the front looks a little… off.

From the back she doesn’t look quite as bad, but of course anything she might’ve looked has been taken away by that awful stand.

Oh hey, look! She’s cast-off… kind of. The best you can get is taking her white collar off. She comes with different arms too… but that dress! The dress doesn’t come off! No matter how much I tugged on it from all sorts of directions, it never budged. It’s glued on tight.

Her chest also comes off, but I’m not sure exactly why. There isn’t a need for it with being able to take her head off and her arms out. Her dress isn’t removable. I have no clue what they were thinking.

Her arms cover her weird top dress thing up a bit, but then you notice that huge seam all the way up her left arm, from the elbow to her wrist and then up all the way to the tip of her pinky finger. Not to mention her arms don’t go into the arm holes all the way either, so you’re left looking at that disaster too.

Even her panty shot isn’t spared from something awful! One of her legs is glued into the spot up there and there’s an awful gap because of that, too. I tugged at that too, just out of curiosity, but it’s definitely glued.

By this time I’ve obviously given up on the stand completely and just decided to take pictures while holding her. With the underside view you can see that her collar doesn’t sit flush with her dress, so you can see her breasts underneath it. Ugly.

You can also see from the back that the collar doesn’t sit flush with the arm/dress area there, either. Yet another part that looks awful. From this direction you can also see all the seams in the bottom of the hair.

So there you have it, Nogizaka Haruka from CM Corp. I’ve never seen any reviews of her anywhere, and no-one ever posted pictures of her on MFC despite the fact that some people other than me (by some I mean six) have her as well. She’s absolutely horrible and if you ever get a chance to have her, just don’t! Just stop yourself! It’s not worth it! And there’s the reason I’ll never have any CM figures.

2 thoughts on “CM Corporation’s Nogizaka Haruka

    • The only time I would is if you see a review of a CM Corp figure and you find it okay to get. I know there are a few out there that look pretty decent, but after this mess I’m just not willing to even try anymore. They’ve lost me about as much as Seven Seas has lost me buying their translated manga.

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