GSC’s 1/8 Kyouko

Today let’s look at the second-to-last figure in GSC’s 1/8 Madoka★Magica set! It’s Kyouko’s turn for a review!

I remember back when Kyouko’s first unpainted promotional pictures came up, how excited everyone was. She was the only one not in that original picture that GSC used for the other four characters’ poses, so there was a lot of worry they weren’t going to add Kyouko in. Since they used a different image than the others, though, it seems like Kyouko has a lot more energy than the other four.

Overall they did a wonderful job with her, I’m really happy with how she turned out.

(I’m also glad she came out in the early fall, because she looks nice in front of my tree that was changing colours at the time I took these pictures.)

I love how her outfit is flowing behind her, it looks wonderful. I actually like the motion with her outfit more than Sayaka’s cape.

Her long hair also has a lot of motion in it. You can see a lot of separate strands, and I feel that really brings the figure a lot more detail and it looks a lot better because of it.

Her face is adorable – I love the little fang she has! I always love fangs on anime girls, you can really get a feel for their character when they have them. You can see a little QC problem on her bangs, though. I actually didn’t notice it until I was in the middle of taking pictures, but it feels like I should’ve spotted it as soon as I unboxed her since it’s right there.

Her long, flowing hair is gorgeous as well, but there’s another QC problem there also. You can see it on one of the short strands coming out of her hair tie.

Here’s another view of her beautiful hair!

There’s a lot of detail on her hair here too, like what we can expect already with GSC.

Here you can see her soul gem and her top. There’s a bit of messy white paint around her collar, but that’s not visible if you view her from the position she’s supposed to be.

Lots of folds on the back of her outfit, too. It gives that little extra detail that makes this figure so much more believable.

One last QC problem – part of the paint is stripped off a bit on a bit of her weapon.

Both her hands are nicely sculpted, as can be expected.

Her weapon is actually three pieces – the spearhead and the two parts of the pole itself. I know there were quite a few people that were upset about the division of the pole, but you can hide the seam with her hand, so it’s really no problem.

She actually comes with two arms, but they don’t quite fit into her body, so it gives a bit of a gap like Miki’s swimsuit in my last review.

Her skirt has lots of wrinkles too, it looks really nice!

Obligatory pantsu shot.

Her boots look really nice too. She’s secure on her base from her one foot and the overall figure is balanced nicely, so you don’t have to worry about leaning issues.

The base is a orange-red colour, really pretty and it works well with the figure.

Her spearhead is nicely painted, as well.

I liked how the downward shot worked with Sayaka, so I decided to try it with Kyouko too. She’s really cute from this angle as well!

Kyouko looks good from a variety of angles! Her pose makes her really versatile~

She’s so cute!

So there you have it, Kyouko – the fifth of six figures in GSC’s Madoka★Magica set! Despite the QC issues that seemed to be more often than I really would’ve liked, she’s still a great figure and I’m still glad I got her. She looks wonderful in the set and doesn’t really feel out of place even though she’s from different artwork than the other four girls’ poses were.

Does anyone else have her? Want to get her? What are your thoughts on Kyouko? =3

7 thoughts on “GSC’s 1/8 Kyouko

  1. Loved the review, and really love Kyouko. Am deciding between getting this or some other version like the figma.

    • I have her and her figma. The figma is really fun to pose, and it comes with a face that has a little hole in the mouth for a piece of pocky. It’s really cute. =3 I’d just suggest you get whichever version you like more. If you’re more inclined to get a scaled version, go for the 1/8, but if you like posing and playing around with articulated, go for the figma! You can’t lose either way. =3

  2. Love those pictures of Kyouko’s face..I can see the sun streaming in and it gives her a really fresh feeling! And it’s really cool how the simple stand can keep her solid and stiff without any wobbling! Lovely pictures as usual =3

    • Thank you! I’m lucky I happened to feel like doing a figure shoot on such a nice day as it was that day. Too bad it’s into the winter months now, so there won’t be much more of that as the days progress now. =P Can’t wait till there are such nice days again come spring though, it worked out well!

      Boy yes, isn’t it great how far figure companies have come with bases and being able to stand figures properly on them without leaning and such? I love all the great poses from figures in the past couple of years here, it’s such a refreshing feel to have a collection that isn’t full of figures just standing around! <3

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