Mini-review: Alter’s 1/8 Kataoka Yuuki

yuuki008Today it’s time for Yuuki’s turn to shine in all her adorableness!

yuuki002I actually got Yuuki a while back ago and took a photoshoot of her once, but decided it wasn’t good enough and I hadn’t had a feel to shoot her again until just today.

yuuki003She’s one of my favorite girls from Saki, the irresistible moe mahjong anime. I love her positive outlook and her constant hyper attitude, I think it’s adorable!

yuuki004Alter’s figure really captured her personality, too, I think. Her running pose with her arms behind her is cute and just like her!

yuuki005So I took her out to the local dam today, where you’ve previously seen me take figures like Homura, and my friend brought her Izaya, and way back when I first started my site I did a figma outing there. It’s one of my favorite places to go and has been ever since I was young and was much more active, so sometimes when I go down there these days I’ll bring a figure and get a few shots. Unfortunately they’ve changed the entire area so there aren’t as many trees and it looks rather barren now. They took out most of the concrete slabs that were everywhere too. It’s just not the same.



yuuki009She really is adorable, and I love every part of this sculpt. She’s well painted, has the perfect pose, and her clothing has lots of wrinkles!

yuuki010I love her little longcat-type decoration on her skirt too!

yuuki011Her clothing flows in the breeze, too, it’s just perfect! It’s of course to be expected from a top company.~

yuuki012Can’t be without the pantyshot! White, of course, just like you can expect with figures.

yuuki013Her base is the default Alter base – clear with a little image (this time of her little cat head thing), and the name in a colour suiting the figure.


yuuki014I love how they had her smile really huge so they could show her little fang too! It’s so cute!

yuuki017Looks adorable from above too!


yuuki001Last picture!


Even though she’s a really simplistic figure, she’s still one of the cutest in my collection! Does anyone else have Yuuki, or maybe you want her but haven’t been able to get her yet? Let’s hear it!

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