Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Kitty Pryde

kitty001This is it! My most prized figure of the year came in with June’s orders and I’m so excited that I can’t even wait to review her for a moment! It’s Koto’s Kitty Pryde!

kitty002Anyone who knows me knows that I love Kitty Pryde. I’ve loved her since I was little and had first started reading comics. She was officially my very first favorite character, so much to where I’ve had email addresses and usernames that included her in them. I’ve been wanting a figure of her for ages but I’ve never liked the ones I’ve seen.

kitty003As I was seeing Kotobukiya putting out figure after figure in their bishoujo line, I had this small bit of hope that maybe, eventually they’d get to Katherine. I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I first saw event pictures of her, I was stoked.

kitty004And then the backlash in the figure community came. That she’s ugly and has a chipmunk face and beaver teeth, among other things. I figured that it was just the prototype and that they’d glam her up just a bit more for the release, and I was rewarded for that hope. <3

kitty005She’s absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. The leaning issues people were thinking she’d have have been solved by having her screwed to her base. Her pose is cute, there’s a lot of motion there, and her hair flutters in the wind nicely.


kitty007They sculpted her in her suit really well too. She has curves even for being a small girl, and there are plenty of folds and wrinkles to add detail. Her gloves and shoes are well done too!


kitty021Of course it is Kotobukiya, so there are some little flaws here and there. From overhead or the back you can see a little piece of hair that isn’t completely flush with the rest of her hair. There are a few remaining seamlines in her hair that haven’t been smoothed down as well.

kitty022They did a lovely job with her wavy curls, though! I really love her hair and the way they shaded it, it looks great!

kitty013She has a really cute face too, that looks great from every angle! Her cheeks are puffy with her smile and her lips have a glossy pink, she’s beautiful!


She has a little bit of muscle too.~

kitty017No stray paint from her belt, or from the yellow and black on her suit! Her suit isn’t a complete black, either. It has hints of dark blue in it that reflects with the light really well.

kitty015There’s a little flaw on mine with the yellow paint on the underside of her right breast, but I didn’t notice until after I uploaded the pictures. I can’t tell with her on the shelf right in front of me either.

kitty016A closer look at the belt! It looks nice~


kitty019They did a great job on her rear end, too!


kitty024Lots of folds and wrinkles! I love how that gives that added touch to this figure!



Her base is unfortunately pretty plain, but at least it’s textured. It’s just a black square, haha.

kitty027It’s Lockheed, the dragon that saved Kitty and became her friend afterwards. <3

kitty028They could’ve done a better job with piecing Lockheed together, though he looks better than the event pictures and the promotional pictures before she was released. I guess they figured he was an add-on to Kitty instead of really being a part of the figure, which is disheartening.

kitty030The sculpt on Lockheed is pretty great overall though, I love how detailed they made him! I’m glad at least that they didn’t just sculpt a plain purple dragon and instead really made a good companion for her.


kitty031He perches on Kitty’s arm without any poles or rods, which is nice. It makes him easily placed or removed depending on what people want (though any fan of Kitty couldn’t possibly have him removed, right? ;-D ), but also makes it nice to not have any holes anywhere on Kitty’s arm.

kitty032They make a good team!


kitty034Don’t mess with Kitty!




kitty010A few more without Lockheed~



Her hair is so pretty~


kitty009Last picture!

Overall I know that I’ve never posted a bishoujo figure on my site before, though I have two others – Supergirl and Black Cat. I love this line of figures a lot because they combine my love of comics that I’ve had since I was a little girl with my love of something more towards an anime style without losing too much of the original flair of the character. I don’t own many however, because I tend to think that my local comic shop will stock them when they’re released here, and then I end up not being able to afford them when they finally get them in. I couldn’t wait for Kitty obviously, and I’m really, really glad that I couldn’t. I didn’t want to miss out on the character that got me started down the more nerdy road I’m currently in the midst of. She’s a beautiful figure with a cute pose. Her base and Lockheed could’ve used some more work, but overall I’m happy with her! She jumped up to my favorites immediately!

Does anyone else have Kitty, or are you planning on getting her? What do you think of the bishoujo line? Post your thoughts! <3

9 thoughts on “Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Kitty Pryde

  1. MUST GET!!!!!! I have loved Kitty forever. I remember seeing her in an issue of Excalubur in one of the first three comics I ever bought. I was taken by her immediately.
    I was really excited when I saw she was coming out. Now with your review I KNOW I have to get her.

    • Glad for helping you know. =P And I’m also glad there’s another Kitty fan out there besides just me! I have so many people, even friends that are into comics, that have no clue who she is and it just blows my mind. D:

      • Okay, I checked my local comic book shop’s Facebook page, and I saw a picture of her on their photos of new stuff. Gonna go and get her tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed she is still there. :-)

  2. Hmm I always thought the girls in the Bishoujo lines were really pretty…however the scale of the older releases are smaller than the newer ones so that kinda held me back. I have Wonder Woman and I think she’s erm..Wonderful!

    Still I’m really running out of space so figurines are kinda a premium for me nowadays =3

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