Mini-review: Alter’s 1/8 Leukothia


Finally, she’s here! Two years after I got the first two, I’ve completed Alter’s Megachu! set, finding Leukothia on Amiami’s used section and capturing her before anyone else did! So let’s see how she looks!

leu002I still think Fauna’s my favorite of the set, but I absolutely love Leukothia’s pose and her cute face! She looks like she’s up to trouble!

leu003Alter did a really great job on the whole set and together they look great too, though I have yet to snap a picture of all three. But I’m sure I will soon! Until then, you can see Fauna and Jordh’s reviews!

leu004I will say though, that Leukothia’s pose makes it almost impossible not to see her panties! But that’s fine, since she’s one of the very few figures in my collection that isn’t sporting plain white! The polka dots are cute!



leu007She has the same blue base as the other two, but it fits well with their outfits so it’s fine.

leu011Her outfit is so cute! I love that she’s wearing a jumper, it shows how much energy she has! From this angle you can see she’s DFC too~ <3

leu010There’s some messiness with the paint stripe at the bottom of her jumper, but considering this figure was made in 2007, it’s not a big deal. The sculpt and paint are good for that time period!

leu009Her butt is cute! They could’ve done a bit of work on the line on the panties, though. It looks too thick, it should’ve been a bit thinner. I’m pretty sure that’d hurt to sit down on!

leu015I love her legs!

leu014Her feet are cute too! The boots are adorable~ and the position of her hand on her thigh is perfect!





So there’s Alter’s Leukothia! She’s a cutie, isn’t she? I positively love her! It was definitely worth the two year wait to complete this set~ it’s one of my favorite sets to date! Alter did a great job with the poses on all three girls, and they go the best when they’re all together! I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who’s a fan of Megachu! or even whoever just thinks these girls are darling! They add a lot of colour and style to any collection, I think!

Does anyone else here have Leukothia, or the other two girls of this set? Or maybe you have the one other Megachu! figure out there – Max Factory’s Fauna? Let me know below! <3

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