GSC’s 1/7 Kashiwazaki Sena

gscsena001And I’m back from my month and a half absence with the beautiful Sena – this time Good Smile Company’s version!

gscsena002 So I’ve been away for a while again, this time because I took a vacation away from home for a week and because I seem to have gotten myself addicted to Kamen Rider. I’ve been watching so much Tokusatsu in general in the past couple months that I’m surprised I’ve still gone to work. Now I have my first Kamen Rider figures on order too, which is crazy for someone who hasn’t collected male figures before.

gscsena003But here I am, back posting, and I figured that the lovely Sena would be a great jumpstart back into reviewing. I actually finished this shoot a month ago, but hadn’t posted it since I was away and then religiously watching shows.

gscsena004GSC’s Sena is a figure that a lot of people don’t like, just like a lot don’t like their Yozora either. There are a lot of collectors out there that don’t like their upset faces and the overall figures themselves. But that’s exactly why I like them! I think it’s nice to have figures that don’t have great big smiles, since 99% of my collection either have smiles on their faces or huge open mouths.

gscsena005The figures’ poses are simple otherwise, and that does extend to Sena here. She’s definitely running away, looking as though she’s about to cry – probably from something awful that Yozora has said to her!

gscsena006I really like figures that break away from the typical mold like this set does, and I hope that I’ll be able to get more figures with poses and expressions true to the character when they’re not in the best of times.

gscsena007I especially love all the movement with Sena. She’s running, her hair is all over the place in motion, her skirt and tie are also flapping in the wind~ it’s wonderful! I love how her arms and hands are in a believable place in comparison to her running pose also – it really looks like all of her is in motion instead of just hovering.

gscsena008She looks great from overhead also!

gscsena012Out of the three Sena figures I have, I like this one’s hair clip the best! It looks really gorgeous and it’s almost see-thru. They did a great job on it!


gscsena019Her hair is the perfect shade, a gorgeous anime blonde.

gscsena013There’s a little bit of a mess up with her top next to the first button, the paint could’ve been applied cleaner. But you can’t notice that from a normal viewing distance – only when you’re really looking close up!

gscsena015Her thighs are perfect! I love that they look meaty without being too much.

gscsena014Her skirt was also done well, it’s perfectly painted right down to the smallest plaid lines! I’m really glad they got the plaid right on both her and Yozora’s skirts, especially after seeing what other companies have done with … well, their attempts with plaid.

gscsena016Can’t be without the panty shot! Her butt and legs look great from this angle too. <3


gscsena022Her base is exactly the same as Yozora’s, which is fine with me since they’re a set together.

sena010I just love the wonderful motion with this figure. It makes it really easy to snap pictures of her.



So there you have it, GSC’s Sena! Does anyone else have this beauty, or did you have an issue with her expression? I know she’s one of many Senas in my collection that keeps growing, but she’s definitely my favorite so far since it captures an expression and a feeling that you see so much of her from the series itself! What does everyone else think of Sena?

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