Alter’s 1/8 Panty Anarchy

panty001Back with a new post, this time around it’s Panty! Her re-release finally came out!


A few months ago I reviewed Stocking, and then Panty was supposed to come out soon after. But she was delayed quite a while. I’m glad she’s finally next to her partner in crime!

panty003It seems like I’ve been doing reviews of a lot of blonde characters lately. I’ll have to change that up next time I post! But for right now, I was just too happy with Panty not to post her next!

panty004Originally I wasn’t going to get her and Stocking because I haven’t seen the show, but with their re-releases this year, I just couldn’t pass them up twice. I still have no plans on getting the other two to finish the set, however, because I’m not so taken with their character designs like I am with these two.

panty005Alter really outdid themselves with these two figures. Panty is especially beautiful, with her translucent hair. It really shines through and even looks nice just on the shelf in household lighting.


panty007I really am in love with Panty’s outfit. I don’t know the character, but even just the way Alter sculpted her, her expression and the way she holds herself, it’s really obvious she’s confident in herself and who she is.


panty011Unfortunately you can’t see it well in my pictures, but her hair has a nice shine to it. It reminds me of the Megahouse Idolm@ster girls in their Pink Diamond Luxury outifts. It looks especially nice with Panty because of her hair being slightly see-thru to begin with though. It’s really a nice touch!

panty010I kept with my thought of taking a picture of her from overhead, she looks really awesome from this angle!

panty012I love her face so much, her expression is perfect! They did a great job on her eyes and eye makeup too, it looks great!

panty013Her hearts are glittery just like Stocking’s too!

panty014She has such a cute belly too! I think that’s one of my favorite parts on this figure! I just want to poke it, it looks so soft!

panty015More hearts! They did a great job on all the paint, I haven’t noticed any messy spots on her at all!

panty017Her hair is so gorgeous, I’m just absolutely in love with it!

panty016Her panties are pink! I’m so glad her and Stocking’s panties are coloured, it makes me so happy!

panty018I love her legs too, they’re just perfect!

panty019The wings on her shoes are great too, I love how they used the transparent material for them also!

panty020Nice simple base with the wings pink this time, to fit her colour scheme!

panty002For this shoot I went outside at different times of the day to take pictures of her with the light hitting her differently. For this one I was outside a little later than the rest, around 4 in the early evening. <3 I just love how she looks no matter the time of day!

panty026She looks great from lots of angles too! You really get a little change in expression depending on where you view her from. I love figures that have that sort of mood to them!

panty024She looks a little smug when you view her from the right!


Even without the sun shining through her hair, she’s still so gorgeous! Definitely one of my favorites.



panty023She’s gorgeous even from below! Such a beauty!



So there you have it, Stocking and Panty together! I’m so glad I got these two now, no regrets at all! They’re officially two of the only three figures I haven’t seen the series, played the games, or heard the music of (with the third being Milla from Tales of Xillia, but I’ll be playing that as soon as I can get my hands on it). I have no interest in watching the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt anime, but the character designs are just so wonderful, and Alter’s figures are so amazing that I couldn’t pass these girls up! If you have or haven’t seen the show, and don’t have these figures, go buy them! What are you waiting for! They’re a perfect set and even if they aren’t holding huge swords or in fancy poses, they’re perfect!

Who has these girls, who doesn’t, and who’s going to get them yet! Lemme hear it~ <3

4 thoughts on “Alter’s 1/8 Panty Anarchy

  1. I have Stocking. I’m on the fence about Panty. She’s absolutely gorgeous (and I like her personality way better than Stocking’s), but I’m trying to keep a limit on figure purchases. Panty just doesn’t feel high-demand enough to me to warrant a purchase.

    Absolutely beautiful figure, though. Alter just keeps getting better and better

    • For not having seen the show and therefore not knowing how the characters are, I have to say I like Stocking’s design better than Panty’s. But with the Alter figures, I like Panty better than Stocking. I don’t quite know why I do, and I didn’t honestly think I would before I got her, but that’s how it ended up.

      Don’t they though? I feel like one of these days all these top notch companies are going to hit a wall where they can’t improve past it, but I’m just not seeing that in sight!

    • Isn’t it? I really feel like that’s the defining point on the entire figure. I love the way the hearts glitter in the sunlight too, it just adds that extra little pop, as if the figure even needed to be prettier than it already was. =P

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