Aquamarine’s 1/8 Gumi

gumi002Hey look, it’s not a blonde character! This time around it’s Gumi’s turn to shine, finally! Aquamarine’s 1/8 has been released!

gumi004I can definitely say she was one of my top five figures of the year that I just could not wait for. She’s my absolute favorite Vocaloid and has been ever since she was first released! I positively love Gumi.

gumi005That being said, I’ve waited so long to get a scaled figure of her! Even as she was rising in popularity tenfold, standing bright next to even Miku, she hadn’t had any merchandise besides a few small things prior to this past year!

gumi006So frankly I couldn’t be more excited even if you tried to pay me for it. So here she is, not by a ‘top company’, but by the fledgling Aquamarine. You might remember this company from my IA post a few months ago, and they’ve improved a ton since then!

gumi007This Gumi is modeled after Mamama’s MMD model. She isn’t completely perfect, but she turned out better than I had expected!


gumi009I absolutely love her pose, it’s so adorable and completely Gumi! The colours they used for her outfit are also extremely close! It’s something Aquamarine needs to work on, but I have faith in them. They’re coming out with another Gumi in a few months and I already have her on pre-order, I think I’ll even love her more than this one! It’ll be the Whisper version this next time.

gumi010The only other thing I really see that they need to work on are their skintones. Most of her skin looks just fine, but it’s quite obvious her green hair is clashing with her face, so they should’ve fixed it accordingly. Otherwise she’s lovely though!

gumi011Now from the top! Her goggles look wonderful, I love the shine they have to them. Her hair also has a lovely gradient that’s just perfect on this figure!

gumi012Her finger rests well on the side of her head, in just the right spot! Her hair has a little bit of a seamline in a couple places that it shouldn’t, but overall it’s fine and it’s much better than IA’s hair was (although IA’s is much longer).

gumi013Her face is lovely! Her eyes aren’t exactly as they were in the promotional pictures, but they’re much better than the difference between IA’s eyes in the promotional pictures and in reality. Aquamarine is really putting their all into their figures, which makes me super happy to see! They’re quickly catching up to the big companies!

gumi015Here you can see her collar~ it’s rather nicely painted without a mess. Her microphone that’s up to her mouth could’ve been painted better, but you can’t notice that from any reasonable distance. It’s only really noticable when you’re zoomed in with a camera like this.

gumi014She has such a delicious stomach, and the colours of her outfit are much better than the pictures HS provided, which everyone was in an uproar over considering how yellow and atrocious her entire outfit looked in them.

gumi016Her skirt is really nice too! They tried and succeeded in their use of the transparent white underskirt! It’s perfect!

gumi017Her panties are white as can be expected, but it’s still a nice view with the transparent skirt haha. <3

gumi018Her legs are really nice too~ her thighs have a little bit of volume to them instead of being sticks, which is rather nice to see. It adds a little something extra to the figure overall!

gumi019Her boots are well done also~. I like the wrinkles near the bottom of the boots, just like there would be on real ones! And the blue colour on the boots themselves is wonderful!

gumi020I really like the base as well. I tend to like simple bases that suit the figure without being overwhelming, which is exactly what this is. There’s that nice yellow dotted pattern on half of it, and clear on the rest. It’s just right!

gumi023She looks great from a lot of angles too! I had lots of fun with this shoot – because it’s Gumi, and because her pose shows movement that’s good for lots of different shots!




gumi027Such a wonderful smile~ she’s smiling all the way to her eyes. <3




gumi021One more to go!




Overall I’m so happy with this Gumi. It’s everything I could want in a Gumi figure, even if it has a couple little things that could’ve been better. I’m keeping my eye on Aquamarine in the future and definitely not hesitating to buy anything else they come out with that I have my eyes on! I’m super excited that this figure turned out as well as it did, and it’s definitely miles ahead of those silly little Furyu Gumis that I tried to content myself with getting before. So basically, if you haven’t gotten this Gumi because you were afraid that Aquamarine wouldn’t do a good job, go for her now! She’s well worth getting, and I bet that their Whisper Gumi will be just as much if not more so!

Did anyone else get this sweet Gumi? Or maybe you put her off for later or were going just for the Kotobukiya version? Let’s hear it~

3 thoughts on “Aquamarine’s 1/8 Gumi

  1. I snapped her up for 45% off on Plamoya. There’s a few flaws here and there, but I’m overall really super duper pleased with her. <3

    Oh, and it's good to see a new post from you. I really like your bloggg.

    • Yayy! Glad you like her too. <3

      Haha thanks~ I'm going to try and post more often again here. My time keeps getting eaten up by watching way too much Kamen Rider! I think I caught the tokusatsu illness. The only thing to cure it is to sit in front of my computer and watch more. ;_;

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