GSC & Max Factory’s 1/8 Samus

samus001I finally got myself the beautiful Samus on her re-release earlier this year! So now’s her time to shine, let’s see how gorgeous she came out!

samus002Those who know me know that I’m a huge Metroid fan, which is exactly what surprised most of my friends when I didn’t order Samus on her original release. I thought her face looked really strange in the promotional photos, though, so I skipped her thinking if I liked how she turned out I’d get her later.

samus003Later didn’t really come, however, seeing as it was really difficult to find her for sale. So I was ridiculously excited when I saw that she was going back up for a re-release! Success!

samus004I find her Zero suit to be extremely sexy and I really love her entire design. The game (Other M) of course, is another thing entirely. But we won’t talk about that here.

samus005The Zero suit is what Samus wears under her regular armor that is usually seen in any Metroid promos or games. I love how shiny it is on this figure, it really makes her stand out even more than she already does! They did a great job on all the detailings of it as well!



samus010The only thing that really bothers me about her is that her hair in front of her ears isn’t flush with the rest of her ponytail, so it looks really odd. But that’s it!

samus008Her face is really gorgeous, and her eyes have a wonderful piercing gaze that is definitely very Samus.

samus009Her pose is super sexy and is emphasized even more by how tight the suit is on her! You can see all of her curves, and the wrinkles in the suit make it even better!

samus011All of the marks on her suit are perfectly placed, which in the games help her to activate her suit.



samus018Her holster is really nicely done as well.

samus019And her gun is too! All the little details have been added and it looks nice and flashy!~



samus016There’s a little bit of what looks like glue residue on one of her boots. I honestly didn’t even notice it until I uploaded and started looking through the pictures, though! It’s very tiny.

samus017The base is simple but nice. I feel like anything more than this would’ve detracted from the overall figure, so I tend to love simple clear bases like this one!

samus024She looks good no matter what angle you view her from as well! I can’t get over how much I love the shiny suit. <3


samus022She also comes with a Metroid itself, too! I like how they used the clear material over the top of it so they could make it look as close to the actual game Metroids as they could! They did a nice job!




So there you have it, lots of pictures of the ever-gorgeous Samus! How many of you have her? Did you get her first release or her second? If you don’t have her already and love Metroid then I’d definitely recommend her! You won’t be disappointed, she’s a wonderful figure in every way!

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